Tesla Finally Rolling Out Their Electric Sports Car

After years of development Tesla is rolling out the “Roadster”. This electric car has been making headlines for quite a while. It’s an all electric sports car that looks sexy. This car completely destroys all stereotypical electric car designs.

The Roadster costs $110,000 but comes with oodles of features. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds and tops out at 125 mph. The Tesla Roadster has a 225 mile range after charging its lithium-ion battery pack for three and a half hours. This is really the first time a commercially viable electric sports car has been released. There are skeptics though.

Some have argued that the 6,831-cell lithium-ion battery pack (gives off ZERO emissions) weighing in at 1,000 pounds is a major safety issue. Although it does account for 1/3 of the weight of the vehicle it is completely safe. The battery has numerous safety features and auto power cutoff switches in the event of an accident or someone simply pulling the power chord during a recharge. The carbon fiber vehicle has passed all the required safety tests.

The car is a beauty, is safe, has incredible torque, and a fantastic range for an electric car with a small recharge time.

If you want to purchase this baby get in line. The production line is limited to just 1,500 cars for 2009 and the cars are being claimed quickly. If you are living in California don’t be surprised if you pass by a Celeb in one of these. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Kelsey Grammer, and Flea have each ordered the Tesla Roadster.

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