Panasonic Ships Its 100 Millionth Cell Phone To Japan

Panasonic is now the first cell-phone manufacturer to ship 100 million units to the Japanese market.

In 1979 Panasonic first launched the TZ-801 analog handset for the new car phone service of NTT Public Corp. Six years later came the TZ-802A (dubbed the “shoulder phone”). Released in 1985 the TZ-802A weighed about 7 kilograms which is about 70 times the weight of today’s handsets. In 1987 they came out with the TZ-802B which was the first digital model for NTT Public Corp.

Jump ahead about ten years later, and Panasonic has a major dominance over the Japanese market and their mobile phones are packed with many media features. Back in the day you were lucky to maybe have a phonebook in your cell phone (also pronounced “car phone” :D), but today’s phones include everything from full 3d gaming to shooting high quality movies.

Congratulations Panasonic, you have come a long way.


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