Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard Finally Shipping

The Optimus Maximus keyboard is finally out. The keyboard was suposed to launch back in February 2006 but firmware and software problems have postponed its release. Customers who first ordered their Optimus Keyboards in 2007 will be the first to receive their orders.

The fully loaded keyboard is unlike any other. Each key contains a small oled screen within it. Instead of printed characters on the key a tiny OLED screen displays whatever you want on it. Each key is completely customizeable. With the included software you can edit the layout of any customizeable key.

There are four configurations for this device. The configurations for the keyboards are: 1 active OLED button, 10 active OLED buttons, 47 OLED buttons, and 113 OLED buttons. Prices range from $463 up to $1,560 for the Optimus OLED keyboards.


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