Mummified Dinosaur Faster than T Rex

A fossilized hadrosaur found in 1999 in North Dakota is now being touted as one of the most complete dinosaur mummies ever discovered. This is a fossilized mummy in stone so scientists are unable to extract DNA from it, but this dinosaur fossil contains a plethora of information.

It’s so well preserved that the running speed of the dinosaur can be calculated just from the amount of muscle mass on the body. The estimated top speed of this dinosaur is 28mph, the T Rex is believed to have run 18 mph.

As of now the fossil is being analyzed in the world’s largest CT scanner from the Boeing company. With this scientists can view the internal structure of the dinosaur with more detail and even get hints about organs.

This hadrosaur is going to change dinosaur exhibits across many museums around the world.

Washington Post

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