GumEase, New Drug Free Anesthesia For Dental Work

GumEase, a new product in the ongoing search for drug free anesthesia, proves to work. A Laguna Hills based company called BioMedDevice Limited, developed a product called GumEase that allows you to do away with the Novocaine and other drugs used during medical procedures.

GumEase is a flexible dental mouthpiece that basically numbs your mouth by cooling it down. GumEase is stored in a freezer, and once a dental procedure is ready they place it into a patient’s mouth. It chills the gums and surrounding areas, and then they remove the GumEase.

GumEase does not freeze, it becomes extremely cold, and 90% of patients using it said they felt no pain with it in place of regular anesthesia. Each application lasts 20 minutes.

Video Of A Procedure Using GumEase

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