Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ford Delivers First Plug-in Hybrid in California

The plug-in hybrid isn't a new concept. In fact many small companies and groups have developed these vehicles as concept cars. Now, a major company such as Ford has delivered the first in a series of 20 plug-in hybrid vehicles to a Southern California Edison Facility for testing.

This marks the beginning of a two year pilot program for these vehicles between Ford and Southern California Edison. Eventually Ford hopes customers can test these hybrids with a leasing program.

The vehicle delivered is a Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid model. It can go 30 miles solely on electric power but when using all the features together the car can go up to 120mpg. All features working together would be, charging your car by plugging it in, filling up the gas tank, and enabling the hybrid technology of the car all at once.

That’s quite impressive.

Rumor Mill: CompUSA Going Out Of Business In January

From a high-level internal email sent through Best Buy, word has it that CompUSA is getting ready to close its doors.

Best Buy reported CompUSA's holiday revenue was half of what it was last year. Additional "liquidators" are being called in to help manage the closing of the remaining 103 stores, and the stores aren't calling for any restocking shipments past February.

This could be just a rumor but it was sent through Best Buy's company and CompUSA hasn't responded back to questions regarding this letter.

Continental Airlines Testing Cellphone Boarding Passes

Continental Airlines announced that it will be testing a paperless boarding pass system at Houston's Intercontinental Airport. This system will allow passengers who sign up to the program to essentially use their cellphones or pdas as the boarding pass.

This system works by a flyer having their boarding pass sent to their mobile device. Once they are ready to board the plane, a bar code associated with that passenger is displayed on their cellphone. A TSA agent then scans that persons cellphone using a handheld scanner.

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Intel Mobile Penryn CPUS Slated For January 6th Release

DailyTech has reported that the Intel 45nm Penryn-based desktop processor will be released in the mobile form on January 6th.

These processors have high speeds but are also low power consuming CPUs. The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show should have some products on display running these processors.