Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lifelike Robotic Hand in Development

Dr. Honghai Liu and Professor Xiangyang Zhu were awarded a grant from the Royal Society to create a robotic hand with human-like dexterous capabilities, while using artificial intelligence. This device would be able to work as a normal human hand would. A device like this could be used in many different industries. From surgery, to work on the space station. This hand has limitless applications.

While in development a sensor laden glove is used in conjunction with ccd cameras to record normal fluid hand movements. Robots have not been able to replicate these fine movements just yet. Dr. Honghai Liu and Professor Xiangyang Zhu plan on creating AI software and a mechanical hand to utilize this kind of development.

Facebook is a Cookie Monster!

Facebook uses the Beacon ad system on its social networking website. A Computer Associates security researcher recently has announced their findings of just how intrusive this ad software is.

Beacon monitors the activities of Facebook members, far beyond just within the walls of Facebook. They can and do monitor the activity of users who access 3rd party websites including Blockbuster, and Fandango (this is just the tip of the iceberg).

By monitoring individual Facebook users outside of the network they know what products they are buying, what they are signing up for, what they like, etc. With this the advertising agency takes this info and would use it to further target advertising to select demographics.

This is invading our privacy. It's one thing to target an audience, but this takes it too far.

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