Friday, November 30, 2007

Scientist Creates New Life

Craig Venture (Pictured above) is the first and only man in the world to publish his own Genome onto the Internet for the world to see. He and his scientific team were among the first (separate from the Human Genome Project) to map the Human Genome. Now his team is working on creating new life forms that may save the earth.

Craig Venter and his team have manufactured a chromosome that is placed into a cell creating a new life form. This life form, a bacteria, may one day be used to heat your house, fuel your car, or scrape pollution from the air.

They have designed bacteria that can live off of human waste and produce water and electricity as a byproduct. The "new life" that his team is creating could very well save the planet or at least guide us into a much brighter future.

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Lightning Confirmed on Venus

For almost 30 years astronomers have stated the planet Venus probably has lightning. Unfortunately there was so much signal interference that this could not be confirmed.

The New "Venus Express" Probe from the European Space Agency has confirmed there is lightning on this harsh planet using the probe's magnetic antenna.

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New Google Service Uses Cell Towers Rather Than GPS For Location

On Wednesday Google Launched Google Maps with My Location.

This service is currently in beta but it's very promising. It works by allowing users without GPS enabled phones to pinpoint their locations using their current mobile phones.

It works by locating the user's mobile device through it's transmitting signal using cell towers, rather than GPS.

It's not as accurate (in the vicinity of 1000 ft) as GPS but as more people use the service its accuracy will improve.